Graduate Student Workshop Application FAQs

This page provides answers to the most common questions about the Graduate Fellowship and Workshop program. If you have other questions, please direct them to David Cruikshank.

What is the typical amount of a Graduate Student Fellowship grant?

Grants are typically capped at $1,000.

May I apply if the typical grant will not fully fund my project?

Absolutely. We are happy to be part of a funding bundle for your project. Bear in mind that we will take the feasibility of your project into consideration, which will include the fit between your study and the resources you have available to you. We suggest applying only if you have already secured the remaining funding or anticipate receiving the remaining funding for your project. In your proposal, please feel free to indicate the (anticipated) source of funding for each item, including the graduate fellowship should you receive it.

Is my use of the grant time-delimited?

Your proposed research should take place in the same academic term (fall or spring) as the workshop or the term directly preceding it (summer or fall).  

Is the fellowship award contingent upon participation in the workshop?

Yes. The exchange of feedback and attendant interdisciplinary support are the heart of the program.

Can I apply for funding for a research project that is not part of my dissertation?

Yes. Most graduate students apply for dissertation support, but we welcome the submission of other projects as well.

Must my research be primarily focused on the United States in order to be eligible?

No. Many fellows work on international cases and use multi-state samples. Your research question, however, should be of importance to academic and public debates in the United States.

Is the program open to recent graduates or researchers who are not affiliated with a graduate program?

No, it is not.

Is the program open to previous participants or recipients of other funding from the Tobin Project?

Absolutely. Previous participants in any of our programs are encouraged to apply.