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The Tobin Project acts as a catalyst for transformative research in the social sciences. Learn more here, or read our research questions below.

The Tobin Project Model
The Tobin Project uses a powerful model for catalyzing transformative
research in the social sciences. Learn how we do it.

History of American Democracy
The Tobin Project's Institutions of Democracy initiative recently held a conference exploring the factors that shape American politics.

Reassessing Threat Assessment

Reassessing Threat Assessment
The Tobin Project's National Security initiative seeks to conduct a critical re-analysis of past threat assessments.

2017 Corporations and American Democracy Brookings event

Corporations & American Democracy
When and why did governments grant corporations rights? What did they ask in return? How have these relationships changed over time?

Beth Truesdale 2016 Inequality conference

Inequality and Individual Decision Making
The Tobin Project's Economic Inequality initiative held a conference in 2016 that explored inequality's effects on individual behavior.

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Research Questions

Government & MarketsGOVERNMENT & MARKETS: What are the conditions that distinguish success from failure in the governance and regulation of the economy? »

Institutions of DemocracyINSTITUTIONS OF DEMOCRACY: What factors and institutions - of government, business, civil society, and beyond - are most central to the functioning of American democracy? »

Economic InequalityECONOMIC INEQUALITY: What are the consequences of the rise of income inequality in the U.S. for the economy, society, and democracy? »

National SecurityNATIONAL SECURITY: How can the U.S. sustainably advance its national security interests given fiscal constraints and shifts in the global distribution of power? »

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