Who We Work With

The Tobin Project strategically designs research questions and inquiries to facilitate exchange across disciplines, academic institutions, and policy spaces. Through small meetings and larger conferences, Tobin Project scholars develop productive relationships with one another and with members of the policy community, overcoming disciplinary and institutional boundaries that can inhibit vital, collaborative scholarship. Working together, historians and economists, senior scholars and graduate students, and professors and policymakers approach problems with diverse perspectives and deep expertise, yielding richer analysis and better understanding of the challenges facing the world today.

The Tobin Project scholar community includes over 700 professors, graduate students, and professional researchers from over 150 institutions and a broad array of disciplines. At key points in the research process, these scholars exchange ideas with a network of policymakers and practitioners. Policymakers contribute integral feedback on the relevance, feasibility, and potential impact of scholars’ research, as well as insight into the challenges they face on a daily basis. By engaging thinkers with diverse perspectives, experiences, and methodological approaches, Tobin initiatives are able to develop salient research questions and produce cutting-edge scholarship on critical issues. We then work to distribute our research throughout these same networks, ensuring that it reaches those able to use it to effect positive change and positioning it to spark new thinking in both policy and scholarly circles. 

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