Graduate Fellowship & Workshop

The submission process for our 2020 Inequality and Decision Making Graduate Student Workshop is currently open. The deadline for submissions is February 29, and more information about the submission process can be found here.

If you have any questions about the program, see the FAQ section or contact David Cruikshank. If you wish to receive updates on our graduate student program, please email David to subscribe.

As part of our effort to support aspiring scholars interested in conducting innovative, problem-centered research, the Tobin Project facilitates a semi-annual fellowship and workshop program exclusively for graduate students.

Earlier iterations of the Tobin Project’s Fellowship and Workshop program also focused on supporting students’ research projects and providing opportunities for collaboration. In 2009, the program opened with an all-day seminar in which students discussed seminal texts of political economy and shared ideas and insights across disciplines. In 2010, the Tobin Project launched its first Democracy & Markets Graduate Student Fellowship program, offering grants to students for research related to the intersection between market structures and democratic institutions. The program expanded in 2011 into Tobin’s National Security initiative, offering grants for students whose research addressed the question of how the U.S. might better wield nonmilitary power in its national security strategy. In 2014, the Tobin Project consolidated the programs into a single forum and fellowship program for both students in security studies and students interested in the relationship between democracy and markets. In 2015, the forum was converted into a single weekend workshop to enable easier participation by graduate students from outside the northeast.

In 2018, Tobin's Graduate Student Workshops maintained their single weekend format, but rather than bringing security and democracy students together for a single event, they each were organized around one of Tobin's core research areas. In Spring 2018, the Tobin Project hosted one workshop on National Security, centered on research related to reassessing threat assessment, and one on Institutions of Democracy, focused on examining the history of American democracy and how it has evolved over time. In 2019, the Tobin Project will host a second workshop on the history of American democracy.

The submission process for our 2019 Graduate Student Workshops is currently closed. If you have any other questions, please contact David Cruikshank.