May 2007: Risk working group meeting

In May 2007, the Risk working group met to consider "Managing Risk in the 21st Century" and to develop a research for the group going forward. Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) attended the meeting and offered on-the-ground perspective, highlighting the challenges that policymakers face in proposing new policy.

The scholars contributed short papers for discussion at the meeting:

Tom Baker (University of Pennsylvania Law School)

  • "Making the Case for Federal Regulation of Insurance"

Jacob Hacker (Yale University, Political Science)

  • "The Increasing Economic Insecurity of Americans and What Can Be Done About It"
  • "A Real Public-Private Partnership: Expanding Medicare to Ackueve Universal Coverage"

Howard Kunreuther (Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania)

  • "Public and Private Partnerships to Manage Catastrophic Risk"

David Moss (Harvard Business School)

  • "College Access for All: Promoting Investment in Education through Income-Contingent Lending"

Robert Shiller (Yale University, Economics)

  • "Bubbles and Public Policy"
  • "Inequality Indexing of the Tax System"

Elizabeth Warren (Harvard Law School)

  • "Service Pays: Funding College through Public Service"
  • "A Fair Deal for Families: The Need for a Financial Products Safety Commission"
  • "Working Harder to Break Even"


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