June 2011: A Symposium on "Crisis and the Challenges of Regulatory Design"

In June, the Tobin Project supported a two-day symposium, “Crisis and the Challenges of Regulatory Design,” as part of the Kenan Institute for Ethics’s ongoing faculty working group on the purposes and strategies of regulatory governance. Motivated by a belief that ideas matter and that the dominant approaches to regulatory policy in the United States have significant limitations, the working group was created in 2010 with the aim of generating new conceptual frameworks to improve regulatory decision-making. Chaired by Ed Balleisen (Duke University, History), The symposium convened an interdisciplinary group of 30 scholars and policymakers, including former Senator Ted Kaufman and Damon Silvers of the AFL-CIO, to discuss a variety of regulatory challenges, such as launching new agencies, special interest capture, and experimentalism in regulatory design. 

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