June 2007: National Security working group meets on U.S. Iraq Policy

On June 22, 2007, members of the National Security working group met to discuss U.S. Iraq policy. With seven discussion pieces to ground their conversation, the scholars considered politics inside Iraq, U.S. force posture in the Mideast, managing al-Qaeda, the humanitarian mission in Iraq, preventing the spread of conflict, and the response from Washington.

Participants in the meeting included:
Graham Allison (Harvard Kennedy School)
Barbara Bodine (MIT Center for International Studies)
Daniel Byman (Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service; Georgetown University, Political Science)
Lawrence Korb (Center for American Progress)
Flynt Leverett (New America Foundation)
Phebe Marr (Iraq Historian)
David Moss (Harvard Business School)
Barry Posen (MIT, Political Science)
Benjamin Valentino (Dartmouth College, Government)
Stephen Van Evera (MIT, Political Science)
Sharon Waxman (Office of Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA), Foreign Policy Adviser)



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