April 2007: National Security Working Group Meeting

On April 21, 2007, the National Security working group convened to explore a series of questions that will drive the initiative forward:

  • What should the national security research agenda be?
  • What theories are missing from the field?
  • What are concrete steps or projects the group can undertake?

To ground the discussion, a group of scholars presented short, idea-generating papers.

Authors included:
Graham Allison (Harvard Kennedy School)
M. Taylor Fravel (MIT, Political Science)
Joseph Nye, Jr. (Harvard Kennedy School)
Barry Posen (Harvard University, Political Science)
Daryl Press (Dartmouth College, Government)
Edward Steinfeld (MIT, Political Science)
Benjamin Valentino (Dartmouth College, Government)
Stephen Van Evera (MIT, Political Science)
Cindy Williams (MIT, Security Studies Program)

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