Graduate Students

Graduate students play an integral role in the Tobin Project’s efforts to motivate breakthrough scholarship in the academy. By including graduate students in its research initiatives and its wider scholar community, the Tobin Project can guide future scholarship toward real-world problems and interdisciplinary approaches to research.

The Tobin Project’s graduate student community includes over 150 students from 17 disciplines and 34 institutions, where they are pursuing Ph.D. and professional degrees. Some of these students meet regularly through Tobin’s Graduate Student Fellowship & Workshop, and many more have participated in Tobin Project research initiatives.

The Tobin Project considers it essential to integrate the work of its graduate student programs with that of its broader scholar community. Participants in these programs often surface important, under-researched questions that senior academics may not be able to fully investigate. Graduate students regularly refine research and dissertation topics in the context of these conversations by sharing creative ideas and cutting-edge expertise. These conversations, in turn, inform and energize research into emerging questions, including those driving the Tobin Project's extant research initiatives.

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