Tobin Project Holds Prospectus Development Workshop

On May 29-31, the Tobin Project held its inaugural Prospectus Development Workshop. Seven graduate students embarking on innovative research in the social sciences joined Tobin staff and alumni of Tobin’s Graduate Student Forum for a weekend of discussion and critique of the participants’ dissertation prospectuses. Specifically, the workshop aimed to help participants refine their research questions, particularly at this critical early stage, while highlighting Professor Tobin’s advice that the best social science research strives to deepen our understanding of important real-world problems.

The participants brought research projects that addressed a wide range of issues, from unemployment and job-seeking during recessions to China’s use of non-military coercion. They received in-depth, interdisciplinary feedback, which participants said can be hard to come by. In many cases, participants told Tobin staff members that the advice they received at the workshop would strengthen their work, especially by encouraging them to ask “bolder question[s]” with greater potential for impact. The participants also said they found it exciting to be part of a group with such a clear commitment to strengthening each other’s research, with one discussant calling the forum “a rare experience of intellectual exhilaration.”

Everyone at the Tobin Project is delighted that the workshop went so well and looks forward to following the participants’ research as it continues to develop.

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