Tobin Convenes Graduate Student Workshop on Reassessing Threat Assessment

2018 RTA Graduate Student Workshop

On April 26th and 27th, the Tobin Project held a Graduate Student Workshop on Reassessing Threat Assessment. Nine graduate students from a range of disciplines and institutions joined Tobin staff and alumni of previous workshops to share their research projects. Participants provided feedback on each other’s work and considered its implications for contemporary security issues, including:

- Right-wing extremist radicalization on Twitter

- The effectiveness of U.S. immigration law enforcement at identifying potential terrorists

- Threats posed by cyber warfare

The projects discussed at the workshop aligned with the Reassessing Threat Assessment inquiry in Tobin’s National Security initiative, which is currently focused on examining the practices and processes that yield accurate and reliable assessments of strategic threats to U.S. national security. By selecting graduate students whose work directly relates to one of Tobin’s ongoing projects, we hope to encourage research agendas that the Tobin Project believes could have a significant impact on future scholarship and policy and ensure that participants receive the most helpful, targeted feedback possible.

This event was the first Tobin Project Graduate Student Workshop organized around one of our core research initiatives, and we were excited by the depth and quality of exchange during the discussions. We look forward to our next workshop, which will convene top graduate students pursuing new research related to our Institutions of Democracy initiative. The workshop will be held on May 31st and June 1st and explore how American democracy has functioned and evolved over time.

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