September 2008: Government & Markets research grants

The Tobin Project asks for grant proposals from scholars who intend to undertake new, policy-relevant research that will contribute to knowledge of regulatory governance and the appropriate role of the state and markets in economic regulation. Potential research topics may address four over-arching themes: models of economic and political behavior; strategies for assessing regulatory outcomes; information flows and regulatory politics; and regulatory strategy and design.

These research priorities emerged from an interdisciplinary conference — "Government & Markets: Toward a New Theory of Regulation" — convened by the Tobin Project in February 2008. The intention of this research initiative is to enable social scientists to build a solid evidentiary foundation for evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of reigning approaches to regulation, form the basis of a new theory of regulation, and, ultimately, frame new strategies for policymakers in the domain of regulatory governance.

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