November 2013: Preventing Regulatory Capture Published

We have some exciting news!

Preventing Regulatory Capture: Special Interest Influence and How to Limit It has been published and is now available for purchase.

This volume brings together contributors from a range of disciplines who carefully examine contemporary regulation to gain a clearer grasp of what regulatory capture is, where and to what extent it occurs, and what prevents it from occurring more fully and pervasively. It also distills lessons for policymakers and the public for how capture can be mitigated, and the public interest protected.

We are hopeful that the volume will advance a more rigorous and empirical standard for diagnosing and measuring regulatory capture and inspire further rounds of research on special interest influence—and how to prevent it—in the years ahead. Praise for the book includes:

  •  “’Regulatory capture’ is an often used, little understood term. It is quoted frequently by those who would like to question a regulation for any of a number of agendas without an effort to understand the science or reason behind it.  Daniel Carpenter and David Moss and the co-authors have written a long overdue analysis of the issue and what, when proven true, can be done about it."  — Christine Todd Whitman, former governor of New Jersey and former head of the Environmental Protection Agency
  • “This is an enormously useful collection that goes beyond alleging and lamenting regulatory capture to provide diagnostic tools for evaluating purported instances of captured regulatory regimes and institutional techniques for avoiding their emergence and mitigating their effects.”         — Jerry Mashaw, Yale University
  • “This collection deftly sharpens our thinking about the nature of regulatory capture. It compiles the most multidimensional treatment we have of capture and the American regulatory state.”  — John Braithwaite, Australian National University
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