Inequality and Decision Making Conference Participants Selected

On August 4-5, 2016, scholars will gather at a Tobin Project conference at the Méridien Hotel in Cambridge, MA, to present innovative early-stage research exploring the effects of economic inequality on individual behavior and decision making.

Scholars from across the social sciences will discuss their preliminary findings and chart the future of a research initiative on inequality and decision making, which has been described as “the most promising direction in inequality research today.” Building off of foundational work already underway, the conference will provide a venue for a select group of creative researchers to consider new and ongoing research in this area and to help to define the frontier of an exciting research program committed to understanding what President Obama has called “the defining challenge of our time.”

The Conference Advisory Board and Tobin staff recently completed a comprehensive review of the proposals and have selected the projects that will be presented at the conference. More information about the conference and the list of accepted proposals are available here.

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