Call for Applicants – Cornell University’s Changing Politics of Central Banking Graduate Student Forum

The Cornell University Global Finance Initiative (GFI) and Meridian 180 are seeking applicants for an interdisciplinary graduate student forum on “The Changing Politics of Central Banking,” funded in part by the Tobin Project. The program will run from May 2015 through April 2016. Applications are due on Thursday, May 7, 2015. More information from GFI and Meridian 180 follows, and further information is available at the link below.

The program seeks to support young scholars committed to thinking beyond national and disciplinary silos, by building connections among graduate students in different fields and exposing them to mentors outside their own discipline. 

In the forum, graduate students will survey the state of knowledge in each major social science discipline on the question of the politics of central banking—to describe the knowns and unknowns, the achievements and methodological advantages of each discipline and the blind spots and limitations. The project aims to generate a body of data on cross-national differences in the politics of central banking of interest to both academics and policy-makers, in the form of white papers disseminated publicly on the Global Finance Initiative and Meridian 180 websites. The resulting papers will also be presented in April 2016 as an adjoining event to the conference on “The Changing Politics of Central Banking” at Cornell University.

More information, program requirements, and application instructions » 


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