Prospectus Development Workshop FAQs

This page provides answers to the most common questions about the Prospectus Development Workshop program. If you have other questions, please direct them to David Cruikshank.

Should my letter writer submit my letter of recommendation independently or should I include the letter with my application?

Your letter writer should send your letter directly to

Is the honorarium contingent upon participation in the workshop?

Yes. The exchange of feedback and attendant interdisciplinary support are the heart of the program.

Must my research be restricted to the US?

No. Many fellows work on international cases and use multi-state samples. Your research question, however, should be of importance to academic and public debates in the United States.

Is the program open to previous participants or recipients of other funding from the Tobin Project?

Absolutely. Previous participants in any of our programs are encouraged to apply.

Am I eligible to participate if I have already defended my prospectus before the workshop?

No. In that case, we encourage you to apply to the Graduate Fellowship and Workshop.