Prospectus Development Workshop

If you have any questions about the program, see the FAQ section or contact David Cruikshank.


About the Workshop

Asking good questions about important problems is a crucial part of developing ambitious research programs. Scholars begin to grapple with this challenge as graduate students, honing the questions that will drive their doctoral research. The Tobin Project hosts a an annual dissertation prospectus workshop to help a number of very promising graduate students to refine their research questions and, we hope, amplify the impact of their research over the long run. Each year, we bring together a small group of graduate students in the early stages of research development as well as Tobin staff and discussants from the Tobin network for a weekend of critical and creative discussion. By working with graduate students at the question development stage, we endeavor to support the next generation of researchers as they aim to produce exceptional and potentially transformative work on important real-world problems.

For additional information about the program, please contact David Cruikshank.